The Museum has an educational file Ecole-Musée dedicated to its permanent exhibition for

Primary and Secondary teachers.

This document gives teachers a didactic tool to guide their own visit; it includes ideas for “before”, “during” and “after” a visit.

The educational files Ecole-Musée ( dp ) are produced by the Service of cultural affairs of the Department of formation, youth and culture of the Canton of Vaud ( DFJC) in partnership with the Institution of Vaudoises Museums.

The Museum also proposes a large pallet of fun workshops, the themes of which allow an approach to subjects learnt in class (Roman games, mathematical games, etc.) If however you wish to learn more about a subject which does not appear in our offer, you can contact our cultural mediator 021/977 23 00 who will be pleased to collaborate in finding a solution which corresponds to your needs.

Special high school workshop – ” probabilities “

Elaborated by Jean-Marc Faillétaz, a high school mathematics teacher, this fun workshop aims to approach in a relaxed and informal way the notion of probability.

Through the game of Knuckle bones your pupils can work on simple and concrete exercises. This workshop is accompanied with educational documentation which will allow you to prepare the outing in class beforehand and to compare results afterwards. The Museum can provide a room and Knuckles bones, on demand.

For more information please contact the Swiss Museum of Games at  021/977 23 03.

The file is intended for college teachers who would like to prepare a free visit and discuss the probabilities in class before or after visiting the Museum.

Osselets dossier  (in French only)


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